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Compact drinking water plants

Despite being a country rich in fresh water resource, millions of people in Angola lack access to safe drinking water. To address this need, we developed an autonomous water treatment plant (EPAs) suited to the needs of rural areas in Africa and the availability of surface and groundwater sources, together with CSI.

The robust, simple, and well time-tested technology coupled with a compact, modular design enables EPAs to treat different types of surface water in accordance to World Health Organization (WHO) Standards.

  • EPAs are compact water treatment plants aimed at small communities.
  • EPAs are easily transported in standard containers.
  • Erection and start-up requires just a few days.
  • Operation can easily be done by the community.
  • Production capacity can be expanded by adding modules.

Today EPAs are providing water free of pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to communities throughout Angola.

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