Consulting and Engineering Services


We have proven expertise in a number of fields which include:

  • Energy Demand Studies
  • Improvement of power consumption and production costs
  • Availability, tariffs and failure cost studies
  • Thermal power plant design
  • Modernization and refurbishing of power plants and installations
  • Hydro-power plants
  • Storage basin management and simulation models
  • Existing equipment evaluation reports
  • Transmission lines and distribution systems
  • Power dispatch facilities
  • Substations
  • Transient Energy Studies
  • Analysis of grounding systems
  • Conventional and alternative fuel sources studies
  • Gas pipelines

Electrical Power Generation using Photovoltaic Panels

Instituto de Desenvolvimento Agrário (I.D.A.)

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Electrical Market Regulations Development

Electrical Sector Regulatory Institute (Angola)

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Studio for hydroelectric development in three farms in Bengela

Nelito Monteiro

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